Dhanraj for website

 1. Name?


Dhanraj Collage

2. Age?

"...5years ..old!!"


3. Favorite Color?

"Red.. is my favorite colour... I like red plenty!"


4. Hobbies ?

"I like to paint.. my daddy buy a painting brush for me"

Mom: "A lot of mischief ..... a lot a lot.... !!!!!


5. What would you like to be when you grow up?

"I want to be a police.....if people playing harden I will have to lock them up.....*big smile* "


6. How was it being on the ward?

"Fun!!! I played and aunties and uncles give me toys!!! I like the doctors and nurses.... I missed my home...."


7. Diagnosis:

Medulloblastoma-Tumor in the brain


8 What was it like to be sick?

Mom: "He was born with a bump on his head....I started to bawl and cry"


9. One of your happiest moments?

Mom: "Once he playing with toys, he's real happy."


10. One Wish:

Mom: "I wish my children grow up good and fast so they would be good"