Nadine FB CK Project

1. Name?
    " Nadine !"                                         image 10
2.Age ?  
   "..9 years old"
3.Favorite Color?
   " Purple!"
   " like to sleep and eat by my granny"
5.What would you like to be when you grow up?
   "I want to be a hair dresser.."
   A.L.L.-Acute Lymphoblastic Luekemia
7.What was it like to be sick?
   Mom :  " Scary!!!!  Really scary!!!!!"
8.What was it like to be on the ward?
   "Hard… and I miss my bed"
9.One of your happiest moments?
   "....When my baby cousin was born..... she's 3 months old! *smiles* "
10.One Wish:
     "ammmm… be popular!... like famous and to be rich"