"You dont' have to live forever, you just have to live."

Azariah Needs our Prayer

Heartbroken seems to be the only way to express how we felt upon learning of the passing of one of the JBFs very own Azariah Ollivierre. We introduced 12 year old Azariah to you a month ago as part of our Courageous Kids- F[I]GHT [CAN]CER campaign as the little girl who had hopes of becoming a doctor one day.

azariah As we mourn the loss of this precious and amazing little girl let us remember her life. Let us be thankful that God gave us the opportunity to have known even if for a short period, this inspiring little spirit. The impression she left on the hearts of all those who knew her was one that will last forever. Azariah was such a brave heart, and enjoyed life as much as a 12 year old could have. She was a beautiful little lady with a beautiful heart. She always fought and she always smiled.

On behalf of her family we say a heartfelt Thank You for your concerns, support and prayers. We at the JBF ask that you please continue to hold her family and loved ones in your prayers as they cope with this difficult loss. Rest In Peace beautiful Azariah, your life was truly an example that you don't have to live forever, you just live.