It is so hard to come to terms with the passing of a child…as it is the expectation that our children will out-live us.

Nothing can really truly prepare us for this but we have to continue to trust God to give us the comfort and understanding knowing this is HIS will and that Ellinda is in a better place… free from pain and suffering.Ellinda Collage
To all of you who prayed for Ellinda and her mom, thank you so much for extending your love and support toward them. To the team of doctors, nurses and caregivers on the JBF Ward, you were indeed more than just friends but her family. To the other families on the ward who are indeed affected by Ellinda’s passing, our prayers are with you as well that you may find comfort during this time.Special thanks to the girls of the Fire Department Youth Group – headed by Officer Glenda Reid-Austin. Your visit and bond with Ellinda is a memory that would always be cherished.To Claudine and her family, may God continue to surround you with HIS love as we continue to pray for your peace and comfort.