Andre for website

 1. Name?
" Andre Nicolas Gonzales"


2. Age ?
**Looks at mummy... **                                        Andres Collage
Mom: "you are 4"


3. Favorite Color?


4. Hobbies?
"Ipad...all kinds of games. I love to watch ninja turtle"


5. What would you like to be when you grow up?
"A man!!!....I don't want to work. Well maybe I want to fly a plane"


6. Diagnosis:
A.L.L.-Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia


7. What was it like to be sick?
Mom :- " Shocking confusing and sad"

8. What was it like to be on the ward?
Mom :- "Nice, laughing out loud... a nice experience meeting the other parents in worst situations and realizing yours not so bad... Assisting with other families. I love to help people . I always laugh and smile.
They ask me if I don't cry... we can't always look at our situation we look at others who don't have anyone to look after them."


9. One of your happiest moments?
Andre: "Daddy makes me happy"

Mom :-"He's happy when he playing with his trucks"


10.One Wish:

Mom: - “ to cure all the children of the world cancer!!!"